Centre Avenue Health and Rehab

Centre Avenue Health & Rehab

Rehabilitation facilities help their patients stay healthy. Keeping roofs healthy is another matter.

The Diagnosis

We had a hunch that the roof at the Centre Avenue Health & Rehab facility in Fort Collins might be reaching the end of its life span. We have been doing all of the roofing work for Columbine Health Systems, the owner of Centre Avenue Health & Rehab, for more than seven years and have developed a great working relationship with the owner. We had never been called to Centre Avenue for any leaks, but we knew the building was about 18 years old.

Our suggestion was to conduct a roof inspection at Centre Avenue but we were told to wait. Sure enough, the next time it rained, a leak was detected. When our repair crew was on the site, we noticed that the fully adhered EPDM roof system on the flat roof sections was just beginning to exhibit signs of oxidation. A few stress fractures were visible in the membrane. These signs make it a perfect candidate for a roof restoration.

The Solution

In a meeting with the owner, we suggested the application of a high-solids silicone restoration system from GE Momentive. We explained that the restoration process would, in effect, freeze the aging process of the EPDM by protecting it from further UV degradation. We had also, prior to our meeting, completed some research and found out that the local power company was offering a rebate for any Energy Star-qualified roof covering, which further reduced total capital outlay.

When we detailed the costs involved with the coating project as opposed to a tear-off and replacement, the owner gave us the go ahead on the roof restoration plan and opted for a 15-year NDL warranty.

The Materials

On the low-slope sections between the standing-seam metal roofs, the existing black EPDM membrane was covered with a white silicone reflective coating, which was applied with rollers to the wall flashings and around penetrations prior to the field membrane being restored. All metal coping was masked off prior to the application.

The Results

Because the application has no fumes or toxic chemicals, the site could remain open to patients during the project. Logistics were complicated, however. Cranes brought materials to the roof and hauled away trash and debris. The crew staged material in three different areas so the roof was not overloaded and to optimize efficiency. Workers temporarily moved more than 300 2- by 2-foot concrete pavers (each about 90 pounds) out of the way to complete the walkway areas.

The restoration process protects the membrane from further UV degradation. It also substantially lowers the roof's surface temperature; the white roof surface temperature has never exceeded 105° F.

Health Care Facility

21,863 ft2

10 Roof Levels

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